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Aircraft Finishing - Overview

Among Europe's largest independent aircraft refinishing companies

We offer a complete set of services for all your livery requirements using the latest advanced application techniques, environmentally friendly livery materials, combined with an expert and experienced workforce. Whether you require regular painting maintenance for your fleet or a complete nose to tail livery change, we will guarantee total commitment to meet and exceed your requirements through our aircraft finishing company Aero Technique Espace (ATE) in France.

We have extensive experience in repainting all types of commercial, military and corporate aircraft. We also specialize in the paint completion of new “Green” commercial aircraft as a first-line vendor to major OEMs. We have over 200,000 sq. ft. of narrow and wide body hangarage across 3 locations in France and India. With global accessibility, we have the presence, the people and the expertise to provide innovative and flexible solutions that fulfill your requirements.