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Commercial Aircraft

Whether it is an old aircraft which has to be re-painted or a brand new “Green” aircraft which gets painted for the first time, we provide our services cost effectively and efficiently to minimize the time that the aircraft is out of service and always with full regard for the safety of the aircraft, backed by our B. S. E. N., OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The external appearance of an aircraft can undoubtedly influence the way that passengers feel about flying with the airline. The application of aircraft color schemes is a demanding task, to be undertaken only by highly trained operators using the best materials and equipment. 

Complete aircraft exterior preparation can include various steps like stripping to bare metal or heavy sanding, resealing of all production joints, corrosion removal and treatment, GRP repairs and complete aircraft repainting. We are fully conversant with the latest products and technology, CAD graphics and decal design, manufacturing and application to provide you the livery that you desire on your aircraft.

Corporate and Executive Aircraft

Our extensive expertise has been applied, tested and proven over many aircraft types, from small executive turboprop aircraft to large corporate jets. Every re-spraying project is studied in detail, in consultation with the customer, to understand the desired color scheme that has to be applied to the aircraft. Individual styles and liveries are accommodated to present a harmonious design on your aircraft. We can offer a tailor made package to suit your requirements, whether it is just a change of color or a complete corporate image that has to be replicated on the aircraft.

The repainting of aircraft is a complicated and skilled process requiring trained operators and the best equipment; we have both. Our hangar facilities have climatic control to ensure that the best quality and executive finish is achieved. From the moment your aircraft arrives, we treat each aircraft individually, from preparation through repainting to delivery, offering special design features, color choice and application of technical and mandatory markings.

Graphic Design/ Production (Livery)

We boast of the latest in-house graphics production equipment, combined with highly-skilled technicians and airbrush artists. Produced and applied from the design stage onwards, be it wide format digital prints or hand-painted images, we can bring any visual idea or concept to life, transforming your aircraft.

   We specialize in:

  • Short term decals for wet lease / charter aircraft
  • Paint masks
  • Removable digital prints
  • Airbrushed / hand painted images
  • Custom liveries incorporating any of the above and including design

Graphic Design/ Production (Markings)

We have the experience and knowledge to produce complete internal and external marking kits. Individual markings can also be copied and reproduced. We cater to all customer specifications, for example color matches, languages, materials and quantities and all products are supplied with BS EN ISO9001:2000 certification.


  • Stencils for painted markings
  • Markings printed on long life vinyls with a clear vinyl/guard over laminate 


  • Super durable markings back-printed on polycarbonate with 3M adhesive and gloss or frosted finish
  • Markings printed on long-life vinyls with a clear vinyl/guard over laminate
  • Specialty markings printed on 'glow in the dark', reflective, fluorescent and metallic vinyls/polycarbonates

Engineering Support

Full engineering support for most aircraft types is available from our EASA Part-145 / JAR145 certified partners. Many of our overseas customers find it more cost effective to let us make the arrangements for their engineering support requirements. A full package such as pre-flight and daily checks, bare metal skin inspection, rudder-rebalance and certificate of release to service can be provided.

Services Provided

  • Aircraft Reception
  • Bare Metal Skin Inspection 
  • Intermediate Paint Inspection
  • GRP Repairs
  • Defuel / Refuel 
  • Aircraft Reweight
  • Pre-flight/daily/weekly checks
  • Light Corrosion Rectification 
  • All Flying Control Removal and Rebalance
  • Certificate of Release to Service
  • Fuel Tank Leak Detection and Repair

   Customer Advantages

  • Impeccable livery quality and finish
  • Wide experience over various aircraft types and OEMs
  • Ability to reproduce almost any design / livery on the aircraft
  • Quick turn-around, reducing aircraft down-time