Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft represents a major investment in terms of money and time and it is therefore, important for owners to manage and maintain this valuable asset effectively at all times. As a well-established aircraft management company, we can help you manage your asset and take care of all the operational issues of your aircraft.

We look after the quality and the maintenance of the aircraft and schedule both routine and unscheduled maintenance to ensure that you get the finest maintenance quality that we can find. In addition, we manage all aspects related to the administration, finance and operations of the aircraft like management and training of crew personnel, fuel, airworthiness, engineering oversight, insurance, hangar space, valeting and all travel arrangements.

Our fleet under-management comprises about 25 aircraft registered in 7 jurisdictions and we are located at 5 operating bases across 3 continents. We currently hold Air Operators Permits in the UAE and San Marino with additional AOPs coming on-stream in the next 12 months. This offers our customers the added flexibility of positioning their aircraft at multiple locations to fulfill their strategic and financial goals

Aircraft under management consist of the following types:

  • Challenger 300, 604, 605
  • Hawker 800XP, 900XP, 4000
  • Gulfstream 450, 650
  • Falcon 7x, 900
  • Embraer Legacy 600, 650
  • Global Express

   Customer Advantages

  • Seamless flying experience
  • Positioning and financial flexibility
  • No operational and technical hassles
  • Protection of asset value
  • Offsetting revenues through charters

Charter Services

Frequent travel is often a necessity in today’s business environment, with executives required to visit different locations throughout the world, often at a very short notice.  We operate one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the region and have a range of different aircraft types that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet differing charter requirements.

Our charter services are not just available to business travellers, but also as an enjoyable and stress-free travel option for leisure travellers. 

Further, our back-end systems rely on state of the art technology such as ARGUS’ flight scheduling software “AVMOSYS” that will ensure you get the most accurate and integrated flight information anytime and anywhere.

Our charter services also help in offsetting the cost of ownership of an aircraft for the owners as the charter fleet is drawn from the aircraft under our management. The result is that your plane will always be available whenever you need it, but will also be creating charter revenue for you as an aviation asset. Many of our aircraft management customers enjoy significant offsetting revenues.

Customer Advantages

  • Seamless flying experience
  • Option to choose from a diverse fleet
  • Robust back-end systems increasing service reliability
  • Top of the line concierge services

Aircraft Sales

We recognize that purchasing new or used private jets is a significant financial investment for you or your company, and it is vital that you make the right decision about which aircraft to buy. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this important and potentially costly decision alone – we are here to help ensure that you procure the right aircraft at the right price. 

Our team of highly experienced aviation specialists has over 30 years of combined aircraft sales experience. So if you are looking into purchasing new or used private jets, contact us today. Our specialist knowledge and experience of the aircraft industry will guide you smoothly through the process and allow you to complete your purchase in complete confidence.

Customer Advantages

  • Professional technical and financial advice
  • Value maximization 
  • First-hand knowledge of the aircraft under management
  • Wide experience across various aircraft types

Flight Support Services

Empire provides top of the line luxury escort ground services such as VIP Limousine and Chauffeur Services, Meet, Greet and Assist Services and Personal Security Services to its business customers, ensuring minimal hassles at the time of boarding or embarking from the aircraft.

VIP Limousine and Chauffeur Services

Utilizing a range of luxury vehicles we provide transfers in over 430 cities worldwide using professionally trained multi-lingual chauffeurs in smart and presentable attire, to chauffeur you as per your instructions. We deliver total control and flexibility over your schedule, a personalized service in every way.

Meet, Greet and Assist

When time is precious, our Meet & Greet services can be the ideal solution. We arrange and provide personalized VIP Meet & Assist services at airport terminals. We can assist you with immigration and customs/baggage formalities through our local ground staff and operations coordinators – thus avoiding the queues and hassles that can sometimes be encountered (subject to local airport regulations).

Personal Security

With the political instabilities in today's world, security has become a necessity rather than a luxury in many locations around the globe. Our service offers you the peace of mind to conduct your business whilst we look after your well-being. Specialized worldwide personal security services can be adapted to meet your specific security requirements.