Commercial Aircraft Asset Management Consultants

Commercial Aircraft Asset Management - Overview

Preferred aircraft technical consultants for leading leasing companies

In 2015, Air Works added Commercial Aircraft Asset Management Services to its portfolio through a strategic investment in Acumen Aviation, which was founded in 2009 by Alok Anand.

Commercial Aircraft Asset Management provides end-to-end aircraft life-cycle management services to leasing companies and financial institutions to address their key requirement of preserving the value of their aircraft assets.

Leveraging our technical and commercial expertise, we are a one stop shop for all aspects of technical asset management, from physical inspections to maintenance oversight, records management to quality audits, management of lease returns and end of life asset management.

For the duration of the lease, we work directly with the aircraft’s operator to monitor the maintenance of the aircraft and engines to ensure the asset is being maintained in accordance with the lease agreement and common industry practices. We monitor airframe and engine maintenance activities, identify applicable airworthiness directives, forecast major maintenance activities and provide general oversight.

In addition to monitoring the utilization, maintenance status and significant events, our team can also perform an aircraft inspection and records audit. We inspect the aircraft to establish the condition of the airframe, engines, paint, avionics and interiors.  Our in-depth analysis includes the specifics of the examination supported by digital photo images, which assist in determining aircraft condition and value.

Acumen Aviation headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland.