Proprietary IT Tools

In the last few years, Air Works has been steadily embracing digitization for both internal as well as external, customer facing processes, in an endeavor to build an enterprise that is responsive, efficient, nimble and mobile. Digitization using stand-alone applications or integrated platforms, as required, will undoubtedly offer users an ease of use within a secure and regulated environment.

Towards the above, Air Works has custom-created a portfolio of solutions for the benefit of its Operational teams as well as Customers. Some of these include:

AWDi® (Air Works Digital Info. Suite)

AWDi® or TITAN - as it was earlier named, is in many ways, identical to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Custom developed by an in-house team, it is a comprehensive suite of in-house applications that integrate Air Works’ core MRO operations across separate functions such as Engineering, Planning, Quality and Stores, allowing a decisive view of the entire operations at a point in time. The solution helps secure a real-time status of various initiatives being undertaken in any maintenance project, reducing wastage and turnaround time, improving operational efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction, in Air Works’ ambition to become a paperless MRO.

AWtomateS® (Air Works Automation Suite)

AWtomateS® is a suite that aims to automate the entire Supply Chain process at Air Works, right from the RFQ and the issuance of Purchase Orders to the receipt of the goods at the designated location, improving turnaround time and service delivery. Digitizing Vendor shipment communication until receipt and facilitating Gate Entry with mobile application accelerates the process, besides enabling speedier shipment tracking. It has also helped Operations and Planning teams to initiate preparation well in advance saving time across the entire process and helping reduce turnaround time.

AWCIM® (Air Works Customer Information Management)

AWCIM® is an abbreviation for Air Works Customer Information Management program – a web-based information sharing tool that helps Air Works customers access and review reports containing updates about their respective maintenance projects in a transparent manner. Using such a structured process enhances engagement by making our customers become stakeholders in the engineering and maintenance process remotely. AWCIM® helps in securing remote permissions and approvals, generates reports on both current and forthcoming projects and can even help analyze past events for enhanced maintenance planning and support, helping Air Works deliver value while optimizing customer budgets


mSights - an acronym for Maintenance Insights - is a sophisticated, proprietary Business Analytics tool, that delivers significant operational efficiencies using actionable insights gathered from a 360-degree view of a maintenance operation/ project. A typical maintenance project comprises hundreds of inter-related tasks that require completion within pre-defined timelines. mSights -  with its customizable dashboard, puts data at the heart of operations, analyzing it at periodic intervals, for intelligent reporting to help deliver improvements across the business such as in terms of productivity, turnaround time, and cost, aside from strengthening customer focus. ‘mSights’ was recently adjudged as the Winner in the Data Intelligence category at the recent IDC Industry Innovation Awards 2021 (IDCIIA).

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Unnati® for Collective Success, Samriddhi® for Collective Prosperity and Pragati® for Collective Growth (USP) form the three quintessential pillars of the Air Works Group’s proprietary, organizational transformational framework or suite of solutions. The bouquet of digital interventions or tools, pack together decades of learning and best practices into a compact and structured framework that is prescriptive and delivers meaningful results by leveraging the strengths and synergies of the collective and aligning it with the organization’s vision.

Deploying USP can help organizations transform on the move, fast tracking their growth and ability to address opportunities, by outlining a structured path that not only supports the company vision on one hand, but also nurtures and channelize individual contributions, creating a win-win situation and eventual success for all stakeholders including the employees as well as the management – by turning transactional work into investments for a superior cause.

While Unnati® aligns individual success to the organization’s success, Samriddhi® defines a performance-oriented framework to streamline operations. Pragati®, supports Unnati® and Samriddhi®, by facilitating a decision-making framework that drives empowerment as well as the growth of the organization. The framework also raises internal productivity by boosting performance, obliterating bottlenecks, creating a smoother, faster, and transparent workflow, building a next generation enterprise.

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