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Aircraft Finishing - Capabilities

From a simple touch-up, to an in-house design work, or a complete fleet repaint, our experienced team of specialized painters will work with you to deliver the paint livery that fulfills your specific needs. Using our world-class paint facilities, we combine our knowledge, skill, and expertise to deliver superior aircraft paint finishes within a short time frame.

Our climate controlled cooling system in purpose-built hangars provides high-end quality paint finishes and coatings.  Constructed with dedicated ventilation supply and exhaust for the express purpose of stripping, spray painting and application of distinctive airline design features is key to our success.

Of critical environmental importance is the need to contain and treat the effluent from the painting process to avoid air and ground based contamination. This requires the exhaust air system to be treated to remove any paint particles as well as any volatile gases via high quality filtration including water scrubbers and/or carbon impregnated filters.