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Our name commands respect and our legacy is our pride. Our experts are testament of our maturity and our business, of our customers’ trust. You will be the custodian of our reputation and will be mentored, until you shine out as the very best.
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Forge friendships from our diverse mix of teams with uniquely talented individuals

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Your chance to work with and learn from the experts in the business!

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New challenges mean opportunities to innovate literally everyday

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Set for tomorrow? A new day brings new challenges that will test all you know

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An overdrive of learning, and not just from manuals...but at every step and task

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Full spectrum of services not just for airlines, but also for executive jets.

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Organizational transformation has been the backbone of Air Works’ success. Across the past several decades, nothing else but our ability to continuously and intelligently tune in, adapt and transform ourselves to be in sync with prevailing trends and developments has helped us thrive, progress and remain relevant to our customers and the nation. We have achieved this by harnessing the acumen of our employees, their collective capabilities, collaborative spirit, and by leveraging our customer relationships as well as industry network.

In readiness for this new decade, we have now distilled this unique Air Works’ learning approach into a structured, transparent, three-dimensional USP® program (Unnati, Samriddhi & Pragati) that endeavors to systematically tap the power of the collective using a formal framework, for the larger benefit and success of the not just the organization but also for the growth and prosperity of every individual/ contributor. This unique, internal program synergizes an individual’s success with that of the organization, securing deeper commitment and ownership for substantial rewards.

While Unnati (Collective Success) and Samriddhi (Collective Prosperity) frameworks are employee-focussed, helping align individual contributions to the organizations' expectations, Pragati (Collective Growth) provides the supporting, process-driven framework to assist in speedier decision-making, in order to achieve both the individual's and organization's goals. 

The new framework establishes a common, singular understanding of the organization’s priorities and/or objectives, clears expectations wrt individual and team contribution, and builds commitment that is based on meaningful work and reward methodology, with avenue for continuous feedback and improvement for learning and course correction in terms of capabilities.

For Collective Success
For Collective Prosperity
For Collective Growth
Performance-oriented framework that includes the top 5% of the decision makers. Performance-oriented framework that comprises the rest of the organizational employees A progressive and automated, process-driven framework to aid structured decision-making, with cross functional inputs.
Defines strategic direction of the business and underlying milestones Defines the processes environment/ framework required to deliver the organization’s business strategy by aligning individual goals, contribution for expected output Allotment of defined timelines for every stage of decision making, with suitable opportunities for escalation, ensure that every issue is addressed and in a timely manner.
Lends greater clarity to business strategy and execution requirements including functional or vertical contribution, skills and/or knowledge dependencies Refines performance expectations, reviews and goal adjustments, where needed to ensure sync with overall strategy. Identifies key performers for development and growth Complete transparency and visibility at each and every stage secures greater stakeholder commitment
Balances achievement of professional goals with company success Enables individuals to grow and profit via achievement of career objectives Covers all development/ improvement related projects pertaining to processes, Human Resources, Infrastructure, Administration, Organization, Capex, and, Risk
Attractive reward program interlinks performance, development (learning) and rewards Reward & Recognition based on performance together with structured Performance Improvement plans
Helps all round development, talent retention and succession planning Identification address training & development needs
Builds a meritocracy culture and improves productivity & efficiency Enhances collaboration, teamwork and cooperation
Autonomous peer feedback for greater objectivity Autonomous peer feedback for greater objectivity

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