Aerospace and Defence MRO Karnataka 2023
21st September 2023
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The STAT Trade Times, the Aerospace & Defence, MRO Karnataka 2023 Summit is scheduled in Bengaluru, Karnataka, from 21st to 22nd September 2023. Highlighting the potential of India's Aviation MRO market, currently valued at US$ 1.7 billion, projections show it's poised to surpass US $4 billion by 2030.

This summit seeks to unify India's Defence Aviation players, encompassing aircraft operators, MRO service providers, and policymakers. Its primary aim is to promote insightful discussions, leading to transformative industry collaborations.

The MRO realm largely includes engines, airframes, and components. Recognizing the urgency to fully harness India's MRO capabilities, the summit intends to draft a comprehensive global MRO vision.

The STAT Trade Times, a leading aviation publication since 1986, recognizes India's MRO market's vast potential. With the Ministry of Defence actively collaborating with private MRO providers, and India's trajectory as a prominent commercial aircraft buyer, the summit emphasizes the latent MRO growth avenues.

The event underscores the theme "Invest in MRO Karnataka", spotlighting investment opportunities in Aerospace and MRO Tech sectors.


On Day 1 of the Conference, Air Works Group will be partaking in the MRO session titled "The Convenience of Digitalisation in MRO." This session aims to foster collaborations with international experts. The objective is to enhance India's native MRO systems and outline strategies targeting the Southeast Asian Aerospace & Defense sectors. The emphasis is on augmenting capabilities and capacities, especially in light of the anticipated rise in MRO demand, which is directly linked to the increasing fleet size.

The core components of the MRO market include engines, airframes, and other components, with engines dominating the share. The pressing requirement now is to maximize the potential of our current framework and delineate a vision for a globally unified MRO sector.

Panellist: Ram Kumar Mohan, Chief Information Officer, Air Works Group

Date: Thursday, 21st September 2023

Time: 16:15 PM -1700 PM IST

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