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Services that set us Apart

In addition to the Air Works’ Group’s suite of comprehensive engineering and maintenance services, the Group also offers specific and select services on request to customers

Such services leverage the Group’s cumulative and collective experience across diverse areas in aviation including design, engineering, execution, integration, maintenance, planning, support, asset management and training for the advantage of customers, helping them learn from the very best and in shortening their development curve.

Resource Attachment

With a limited operating network or fleet, it may not always be viable for a commercial and/ or cargo operator to invest into a proprietary maintenance set up upfront. In such cases, Air Works’ works very closely with airlines and cargo operators to depute its own team of duty engineers, who travel on-board every flight, ensuring safe transits at every location. Operators gain by saving upfront costs as well as reducing technical hassles and avoiding excessive investments in manpower training and certifications.

End-of Lease Services

Using the Group’s expertise, wherein Acumen Aviation works closely with leading lessors and asset owners including institutions, and Air Works’ with fleet and asset operators, we are well equipped to project manage the delicate but complex process of end-of-lease or redelivery in its entirety.

Our technical and market experts can help bring in a professional and unbiased perspective and manage such projects with complete transparency for all stakeholders. We can even assist in locating new customers for the asset and ensure turnkey maintenance of the asset at our duly certified base maintenance facilities.

Consulting Services

As one of India’s oldest and pioneering aviation organization, Air Works has been at the heart of the Indian aviation ecosystem for over 70 years – having undertaken and delivered several innovative projects over time.

The Company is well known and respected for investing continuously in the development of aviation-led technical capabilities and sharing the knowledge for the overarching improvement of the nation’s aviation competency.

Air Works’ industry experience, including global certifications such as EASA and DGCA 145, as well as structured process and project experience of the last few decades, places the company in a unique position to offer Consulting and Project-related Services in Aviation and Engineering and maintenance.

Projects could pertain to areas such as Certification and quality systems, Maintenance best practices including aviation maintenance process and information digitization, as well as Business growth and expansion, and could be orchestrated remotely or on-site at customer locations.

Aircraft Recovery

India has a huge and growing domestic aviation market, currently serviced by close to 700 commercial aircraft. Since a pre-dominant number of these assets operate under Sale and Leaseback arrangement, it could be tough to recover an asset, if a customer or operator was to end up face operational challenges.

Air Works’ pan-India presence, aviation expertise and deep industry relationships give us a one-of-a-kind advantage in assisting asset owners in recovering their assets.

Time and again, our technical teams have helped lessors and asset owners take control of their assets, restore their airworthiness while located at remote parts or stations across the country, and help fly them away safely.

Lease Quality Audits

In order to ensure the longevity and safe upkeep of an asset, the Air Works Group, jointly with Acumen Aviation, has the ability to assist asset owners undertake periodic audits of operators to capture and reflect the state of usage of their asset, together with a status on all original equipment such as engines.

Such timely record-keeping and reporting can help asset owners and lessors track the technical and operational health of assets, decreasing the risk of abuse and the anticipated deterioration of their market value.

Audits for Insurance

Settling Insurance issues in unfortunate cases can be tricky. Air Works understands this completely.

Our seasoned experts are at hand to work with third parties such as insurers or their surveying agents to demystify an event or to comprehend an aircraft/ asset’s maintenance history in a basic and easy to understand manner.

Our domain understanding lets us offer inputs that can help strengthen such agreements or help review an asset’s history during the reinsurance process, for both commercial and private/ business aircraft.

Asset Acquisition Service

With its inherent experience in Aviation, Air Works Group is well placed to advise and partner asset owners such as individuals, institutions and investors during the process of acquisition of aviation assets, in line with their budgetary and business requirements.

As a consultant, our advice will include asset location, inspection, purchase records, appraisal/ analysis of the maintenance history, facilitating asset delivery, support for regulatory certification and approval, upgrades/ modifications, maintenance and CAMO support across the life cycle of the asset.

Such valuable inputs can help buyers steer clear of difficult or end-of-life assets protecting their investments, minimizing risk. At the same time, it allows them to extract the best value from their purchase investment. Air Works can also offer critical advice for or during the asset disposal process, helping realize the best market value for the asset.

Managing Asset End of Life

With the shortening of economic lifecycles of assets, it is increasingly important to realize their best possible value, well in time and in a systematic manner.

Using our industry knowledge, expert resources, our ecosystem of Group companies as well as our industry partnerships, Air Works Group can help asset owners in charting a phased and structured End-of-life Management plan for their assets that delivers maximum value.

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